BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
better-getrandomfixup! Improve getrandom handling.Alex Xu (Hello71)16 months
bug20424Add --with-malloc configure option. #20424, #23777Alex Xu (Hello71)22 months
bug23883Add Travis CI instructions. fixes #23883Alex Xu (Hello71)16 months
bug24119Add changes/bug24119Alex Xu (Hello71)22 months
bug24279Fix configure libevent memory leakAlex Xu (Hello71)22 months
bug25398Remove uncompilable tor_mmap_file fallback. #25398Alex Xu (Hello71)19 months
bug25399fixup! Do not page-align mmap length. #25399Alex Xu (Hello71)18 months
bug26464Fix static Windows cross-compilation.Alex Xu (Hello71)15 months
building-tor-mingw-docsRemove MXE documentation.Alex Xu (Hello71)11 months
fix-rust-testsUse cargo global cache instead of builddirAlex Xu (Hello71)16 months
improve-travisImprove .travis.yml.Alex Xu17 months
masterRemove some accidentally committed code in checkIncludes.pyNick Mathewson15 months
mesonFix Windows Rust cross-compilation.Alex Xu (Hello71)17 months
misc-rustUse cargo global cache instead of builddirAlex Xu (Hello71)16 months
rust-crossAdd Rust cross compilation changes file.Alex Xu (Hello71)15 months
ticket22233Don't HTTP request .z filesAlex Xu (Hello71)11 months
ticket24902_029_04Update manpage, slightly improve calculation.Alex Xu (Hello71)20 months
ticket28100fixup! Don't overwrite the Content-Type when compressingAlex Xu (Hello71)11 months
ticket28113fixup! Notify systemd of ShutdownWaitLengthAlex Xu (Hello71)11 months